Imperial Russian Army Generals about Armenians

Imperial Russian Army Generals about Armenians



Major General Vladimir Mayevsky, who was a Russian diplomat and consul in Turkey in 1895 - 1913, wrote in his report 'Bitlis and Van Provinces in Statistics' sent to St. Petersburg: 'It was necessary to show Europe that the Armenians were allegedly subjected to oppression and genocide in the Ottoman Empire. In fact, this was not a genocide, but a deliberately fabricated political legend. To be honest, the perpetrators of the massacre in the East are not Muslims, but the Armenians. They later wrote about the atrocities they committed in the name of the Turks. '

From the report by Lt. Colonel Gryaznov on Erzincan bloodsheds of 1915: “The corpses of Muslim peasants stuck to bayonets, cut parts of body and disemboweled internals were scattered on the roads leading to the villages…There were of mainly women or children! Deep holes were dug, and innocent people cut like animals were thrown into them one by one.

From a letter by General Ilya Odeshelidze, of Georgian origin, who served as the commander-in-chief of the Imperial Russian army that invaded Ottoman lands in the early days of World War I sent to St. Petersburg: “Armenian executers killed Muslims with bayonets and axes in the areas surrounding Arzindjan on March 11-12. These barbarians mainly threw their victims to the holes dug for their ominous plans. 80 Muslims were thrown into each ditch. My aide counted 200 of such ditches, and the crimes were uncovered.”!

The bases of this destructive strategy and territorial claims against Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis were laid in 1918 by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the founder of Bolshevik Russia. Lenin sent General Ter-Gabrielyan to Baku, instructing him about the sovietization of Baku so that Baku would remain in the hands of Bolshevik Russia, and if this was not possible, what to do at the last moment: “Once again inform Ter-Petrosyan to get everything ready to fully burn Baku during the attack.”

Ter-Gabrielyan’s reaction was not long in coming: “Everything is ready.”

There are too many facts reflecting the realities in Ter-Gabrielyan’s letter sent to the Centre: “There is no obstacle to establish the Soviet power in Baku. The Armenian-Azerbaijani massacre is taking place. This massacre was initiated by the Armenians, and it continues.”



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