Egyptian writer visits the Translation Centre

Egyptian writer visits the Translation Centre

The Azerbaijan Translation Centre (AzTC) on Wednesday received a visit from the prominent Egyptian writer Yaqub al-Sharuni, a representative from Egypt’s National Centre for Translation. The meeting focused on the projects jointly carried out by the two Centres.

“The cooperation between our Centres has provided Azerbaijan with ample opportunities to promote Azerbaijani literature in Arab countries in recent years,” Yaqub al-Sharuni said. “We have distributed copies of the book titled “Short Stories from Azerbaijan” produced in 2017 through a Cairo-based publisher to central libraries, book houses and universities across Egypt, as well as to other Arab countries. In addition, this edition showcased at different international book fairs has aroused great interest among readers.

Lliterature, as a means of mutual literary exchanges, can also help to solve global challenges, according to him. “Literature has the so-called special leverage ‘soft power’ which has more opportunities than economy and politics to affect society. Well, it is a kind of extraordinary power – the power that can have an impact on human nature,” he added.