The Collected Ghazals of Nasimi Published in Moscow

The Collected Ghazals of Nasimi Published in Moscow

Great Azerbaijani poet Imadeddin Nasimi’s book “И стал Путем Истины я сам” (I have set myself on the road of truth) - an Azerbaijan State Translation Centre edition in Russian – published in Moscow, Russia. The edition is released to mark the poet’s 650th anniversary. The book includes 200 ghazals and quatrams, an article The Poetry of an Eternal Truth, explanations and commentaries on the sophisticated words in the poet’s works.

A quotation from the article: '… Azerbaijan’s great poet and eminent figure in poetry and philosophical thought, one of the seven most famous Sufis of all times. During his life, Nasimi's ghazals and quatrams were translated into many languages ​​and widely spread in the world, including in Central Asia, Turkey and Iran. In the early stages of his creativity, the poet had the inclination to Sufism, and later he joined Hurufism founded by Fazlullah Naimi, the great Azerbaijani ascetic and philosopher and his master.  

Nasimi's position in the literature of Azerbaijan, including the Turkic-speaking nations, is determined by his role in the formation of diwan poetry. At the same time, he can be considered as the founder of philosophical ghazal. Nasimi is actually a philosophical poet. He praises truthfulness in man and the nobility and beauty of the human heart and soul – and thus, he took his place in history as a hero, who sacrificed his life for a fellow-man, and for the triumph of justice. In his poems, Nasimi summons man to know himself and his own divine nature. He wasn’t born into this world accidentally, but with special mission.'

The compiler and author of the foreword to the book is Pusta Akhundova.

The book was published by U Nikitskikh Vorot, a publisher for the Moscow Writers' Union.