AzSTC Hosts Certificate Award Ceremony for Translators

AzSTC Hosts Certificate Award Ceremony for Translators

The Azerbaijan State Translation Centre (AzSTC) has completed the next qualifying examinations for professional translators.  The translators who passed AzSTC’s qualifying examinations in sociology and politics, international relations, science and technology, economics, finance, and law received Certificates of the Centre.

In her opening remarks, Mrs Pusta Akhundova, Head of the Office for International Relations and Translation Issues underlined the key objectives of the Qualifying Examinations and noted that the names of the certificate holders would be included in the Translation Centre’s official Database.




Below is the list of certificate holders whose names are in bold type:

1. Amina Qafar gizi Farzaliyeva  – Subject area:  Economics (commercial orientation). Language: English into Azerbaijani-Azerbaijani into English; Russian into Azerbaijani 


2. Asgar Aydin oglu Zeynalabdinov – Subject area:  History; International Relations; Politics.  Language: English into Azerbaijani - Azerbaijani into English


3. Shabnam Zahid gizi Huseynova –  Subject area:  Science and technology; Oil and gas; Aviation. Language: Russian into Azerbaijani


4. Kamran Nuru oglu Mehbaliyev – Subject area:  History; Law. Language: Turkish into Azerbaijani - Azerbaijani into Turkish       


5.  Emin Ramiz oglu Shirinov – Subject area:  Sociology and Politics. Language: English into Azerbaijani; Azerbaijani into Russian - Russian into Azerbaijani