Saday Budagly’s Short Story in the Israeli literature magazine

Saday Budagly’s Short Story in the Israeli literature magazine

“Artikl”, the Israeli literature magazine, has posted in Russian the short story “Rainless Weather” by Saday Budagly, the notable Azerbaijani writer, as part of the AzSTC project “Azerbaijan Literature in an International Virtual World.”

The author of the translation of the story presented with information about the writer’s creativity is Pusta Akhundova, the Russian language specialist at the Centre. 

It is worth noting that the literature magazine “Artikl”, which has a wide auditorium of readers, regularly publishes works by such outstanding writers and poets as James Kenneth Stephen, George Orwell, Jostein Gaarder and Stephen Covey.



Saday Budagly


·        writer, translator;

·        was born in Qazakh district in 1955;

·        graduated from the Maxim Gorky Literature Institute in 1984;

·        is the author of such prose books as “The Crack”, “Talk On The Road”, “The Street Corner”, “The Motherland”;

·      the book “The Win”, published in Russian in Moscow, has been awarded the All-Union M. Gorky Prize. In 1982, was the winner of the “Best Story of the Year” Prize established by the literary magazine “Druzhba Narodov” (Russia), and in 2009, the winner of the “Golden Word” Literary Prize in the translation nomination organized by the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan;

·       has translated works by such world famous authors as Yasunari Kawabata, Miguel Delibes, Gabriel García Márquez, Kazuo Ishiguro, Mario Varqas Llosa, Juan Carlos Onetti and Camilo José Cela.