Spanish Library Receives Electronic Version of “Seven Beauties”

Spanish Library Receives Electronic Version of “Seven Beauties”

The electronic version of the book “Seven Beauties” published by the State Translation Centre in Madrid on the occasion of the 870th anniversary of the great Azerbaijani poet Nizami Ganjavi has been placed in the section “Azerbaijani Literature” created on the website of the National Library of Spain.

The translator of the book published in 2021 by Madrid-based reputable Mandala Ediciones Publishing House is Carmen Linares, the prominent Spanish translator. The author of the foreword to the book is Rustam Aliyev, the well-known scientist-researcher of Nizami’s creativity, and the editor is the renowned Spanish philologist Francisco Capilla Martín.

It should be noted that copies of the book “Seven Beauties” are placed in more than 20 central libraries in addition to the National Library of Spain.


The list of the libraries:


National Library of Spain;

Madrid Assembly Library;

University of Barcelona Library;

The National Distance Education University Library (UNED);

Autonomous University of Madrid Library (UAM);

The Ateneo de Madrid University Library;

The University of Valladolid Library;

Madrid Public Library;

Madrid Regional Library;

The Ruiz Egea Public Library;

Comillas Pontifical University Library;

The Pablo Neruda Library;

Damaso Alonso Municipal Public Library;

The Francisco Ibanez Library;

Pedro Salinas Public Library;

José Luis Sampedro Public Library;

The Murcia Regional Library;

Hortaleza Public Library;

Aluche Public Library;

Library at the Persepolis Cultural Centre;

Viva de Al-Andalus Library;

The Andalusia Institute Library;

The Andalusia Public Library

The Aragon Library.