Zalimkhan Yaqub’s Verses On Georgian Portal

Zalimkhan Yaqub’s Verses On Georgian Portal, the popular Georgian portal, has posted in Georgian the verses “I Am The Azerbaijani Land” and Rely On Me by Zalimkhan Yaqub, the People’s Poet of Azerbaijan, as part of the AzSTC project “Azerbaijan Literature in an International Virtual World.” The portal also provides detailed information on the author.

The translator of the verses into Georgian is Imir Mammadli, the Georgian language specialist at the AzSTC.

It is worth noting that the portal, which mainly highlights the creativity of leading figures of Georgian literature, dedicates a special place to the publication of samples of Azerbaijani literature within the cooperation with the State Translation Centre.


Zalimkhan Yaqub:

   (1950 – 2016)

·        The People’s Poet of Azerbaijan, a public figure;

·        Was born in the village of Kapanakchi, Bolnisi District, Georgia; 

·        Is the author of poetry books, such as “Call Of The Poet”, “I Don't Blame You”, Fireplaces Where I Buy Fire”, “How Can I Find The Way To Your Heart”, “The Epic Of A Great Life”, “Let’s Return To Previous Memories”, “The Light Of My Eyes Is The Land Where I Was Born”, “I Am A Mountainous River.”

·        Was a deputy of the Milli Mejlis of Azerbaijan in 1995-2005;

·        Awarded with the Orders of “Shohrat” (Azerbaijan) and “Honour” (Georgia).