Vagif Aslan’s Verses on the Literary Portal of Austria

Vagif Aslan’s Verses on the Literary Portal of Austria”, the popular Austrian literary portal, has posted in German the verses “I Am Like…” and “A Man” by Vagif Aslan, a popular poet of Azerbaijan, as part of the AzSTC project “Azerbaijan Literature in an International Virtual World”.

The translators of the verses into German, preceded by the information about the creativity of the poet, are Andreas Criber, the Austrian scientist-philologist, and Maryam Samadova, the German language specialist at the AzSTC.

It is worth noting that the portal, which has been launched since 2006, regularly publishes samples of the contemporary world literature.


Vagif Aslan 


·      popular Azerbaijani poet and translator;

·     was born in the village of Kish of Shaki District in 1950;

·     studied at the Department of French and Azerbaijani Languages of the Azerbaijan Institute of Foreign Languages in 1968–1973;

·     his first verse was published in “Ipekchi” Newspaper in Sheki in 1967;

·    is the author of the poetry books, such as “A Conversation With The Spirits”, “A Flower Coloured With My Blood”, “Aydin”, “Hello To Oguz Land", "Everything Within Time”, etc;

·     has translated works by prominent French writers, such as Paul Verlaine, Eugène Daby, Hervé Bazin, Jean-Baptiste Chardin and Germaine Guillaume, from the original;

·     is the laureate of the Azerbaijan State Translation Centre’s Award.