Rabiga Nazimgyzy’s verses on the pages of the Spanish literary portal

Rabiga Nazimgyzy’s verses on the pages of the Spanish literary portal

“Trabalibros”, the popular Spanish literature portal, has posted in Spanish the verses “Don’t worry about me” and “Send me one photo” by Rabiga Nazimgyzy, a modern, talented poetess, as part of the AzSTC project “Azerbaijan’s Latest Literature”

The translator of the verses into Spanish, preceded by information about the work by the poetess, is Aysel Aliyeva, the Spanish language specialist at the AzSTC, and the art editor is Eva Contreras, the Spanish philologist.

It is worth noting that the literature portal “Trabalibros”, followed by a wide auditorium of readers, regularly publishes works by world-famous poets and writers, such as Juan RulfoThomas MannVladimir NabokovWolfgang GoetheMiguel                                                                                                                                    DelibesFederico Garcia Lorca.


Rabiga Nazimgyzy


    ·     Poetess, translator;

    ·     In 2008 she graduated with a master’s degree in Literature from the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University;

    ·     Since 1998 she has been working as a reporter, translator and editor for newspapers, magazines, websites and online TV;

    ·     Author of collections of poems Me Before You, Episodic Love, Umbrella Uprising, and “To Kiss the Time;

    ·     Author of translations of the memoirs of Richard Wagner "My Life", the novel of August Strindberg “Days of Loneliness”, Elias Canetti’s novel The Blinding”, and the collection Selected Works by Romain Rolland.