Azerbaijan Republic

Azerbaijan is a geographical name. On the one hand this name is linked with the population, which lived in this region for thousand of years before our era, and who were mostly fire-worshippers. Local population considered that fire was their God and so they worshipped the fire. "Azer" means fire. The Turkic name "Azer" was used for this territory for a long time. The word "Azer" consists of two parts - "az" and "er". In Turkic languages, "az" means a good intention and a fate of success. Thus, the word "Azer" means "a brave man", "a brave boy", "the fire keeper". The word "Azerbaijan" originates from the name of an ancient Turkish tribe, who resided in those territories.


Republic Day (National Day)

28 May 1918

State Flag Day

9 November 1918

National Independence Day

18 October 1991

The Constitution Day

12 November 1995

Day of joining the OSCE (Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe)

30 January 1992

Day of joining the United Nations

2 March 1992

Day of joining the Commonwealth of Independent States

19 September 1995

Day of joining the Council of Europe

17 January 2001

Territory, thousand square km (the Republic of Azerbaijan)


Territory, thousand square km (Azerbaijan SSR April-November 1920)


Territory, thousand square km (Azerbaijan People Republic 1918 – 1920)


Number of population, thousand people (2011)

9 million

Density of population per 1 km2, a person (2011)




State language


Monetary unit

Manat (1 manat = 100 coins)

National domain


International telephone code


Note: * numbers given with (star) sign are round.

The Labour Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Article 105. Holidays


The New Year's Day

1 and 2 January

The Women's Day

8 March

The Victory Day over fascism

9 May

The Republic Day

28 May

The Day of National Salvation of the Azerbaijani People

15 June

The Armed Forces Day

26 June

The National Independence Day

18 October

State Flag Day of Azerbaijan

9 November

The Constitution Day

12  November

The National Revival Day

17 November

The World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day

31 December


five days


two days


two days

20 January – the Day of the Nationwide Sorrow
31 March - the day of genocide of Azerbaijanis
26 February - Khojaly genocide