National Library of Spain Receives Electronic Version of the Book about Heydar Aliyev

National Library of Spain Receives Electronic Version of the Book about Heydar Aliyev

The electronic version of the book from the series The Life of Remarkable People — Heydar Aliyev, dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of Heydar Aliyev, the founder of modern Azerbaijan, the world-famous political figure, has been placed on the website of the National Library of Spain.

The authors of the translation of the book into Spanish, published at renowned Madrid-based publishing house “Mandala Ediciones”, are the well-known Salvadoran linguist, Professor Cesar Edgardo Martínez Flores, and the Spanish language specialist Narmin Huseynli.

It should be noted that copies of the book are placed in more than 24 central libraries in addition to the National Library of Spain.


The list of the libraries:


Library of the Cultural House in Valencia;

Library of Complutense University of Madrid;

University of Barcelona Library;

The Library of the University of Alcalá;

The Library of the Royal Academy of History;

Mario Vargas Llosa Public Library;

Gabriel García Márquez Public Library;

San Blas State Library;

Aluche Public Library;

Miguel Delibes Public Library;

The Pablo Neruda Public Library;

Eugenio Trías Public Library;

Canillejas Municipal Public Library;

San Fermin Public Library;

The Municipal Public Library Dámaso Alonso;

Francisco Ibáñez Public Library;

Gerardo Diego State Library;

Gloria Fuertes Library;

Municipal Library Pío Baroja;

Ana Maria Matute Municipal Public Library;

Benito Perez Galdos Public Library;

David Gistau Municipal Public Library;

Iván de Vargas Municipal Public Library;

José Hierro Public Library.