Georgian Poetry Days at the Azerbaijan State Translation Centre

Georgian Poetry Days at the Azerbaijan State Translation Centre

The State Translation Centre has held the presentation ceremony of the books by the notable figures of contemporary Georgian poetry David Shemokmedeli (“Two Faces of the Threshold”), Makvala Gonashvili (“The One Thousand-Second Night”) and Bela Keburia (“Twinkling Dawns”) within the framework of the “Georgian Poetry Days”.

Opening the event with her welcoming speech, Afaq Masud, the Board Chair of the Centre and the People’s Writer of Azerbaijan, spoke about the translation and publication projects implemented on Azerbaijani-Georgian literary relations and exchanges in recent years. She appreciated the published works as significant events and great contributions to the literary and cultural life and history of both countries. Later, Yashar Aliyev, Adviser on Press, Translation and Publication Issues of the Centre and writer-translator, Etimad Bashkechid, Head of the Office for Science, Education and Culture of the Centre and writer-translator, Mahir Garayev, the poet-translator, Imir Mammadli, the poet-translator, and Avtandil Napetvaridze, Chief Adviser of the Embassy of Georgia in Azerbaijan spoke about the activities on the development of Azerbaijani-Georgian literary relations in recent years, the projects jointly implemented by the State Translation Centre and the Writers’ Union of Georgia, the Rustaveli Georgian Cultural Society, the Batumi Writers’ House, “Merani” and “Iverioni” publishing houses, as well as in the direction of introducing and promoting Azerbaijani literature in Georgia and Georgian literature in Azerbaijan.

Later, the guests of the event were given the floor.

Poet David Shemokmedeli, President of the Rustaveli Georgian Cultural Society: “First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the Translation Centre and its Board Chair Mrs Afaq Masud, the People’s Writer of Azerbaijan, for her invaluable merits in organizing Georgian-Azerbaijani literary relations and exchanges, for presenting Georgian poetry in Azerbaijan in such a wide format. The work done by the Centre in recent years is obvious, and it makes us happy and proud. The Azerbaijan state supported Georgia in its toughest economic times, and the Georgian people will never forget this fraternal help. The event, organized at a high level in the Centre today, is the highest moral support given to our literature, the importance and value of which will increase from time to time, and thanks to these books today’s and future Azerbaijani readers will have the opportunity of becoming acquainted with the picture of the Georgian poetic spirit.”

Poetess Bela Keburia, Editor-in-Chief of “Zgvauri” Magazine: “This is the first time I have visited your beautiful city, Baku. I would like to mention one point. In Batumi, where I live, the Sun always sets in the sea. Today, for the first time in my life, I saw the Sun rising from the sea. Somewhere, as they say, the circle is closed. Yes, for me personally, this itself has a divine, symbolic meaning ‒ both for my life and for my creativity. Let the Sun, overcoming the distance from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea every day, always warm our hearts and bring us closer to each other. And I am sure that the strings that bind us to each other will be permanent, everlasting.” 

At the end of the event, the poets’ book signing ceremony was held.