Spanish-Azerbaijani Phrasebook Out Now

Spanish-Azerbaijani Phrasebook Out Now

The State Translation Centre is pleased to announce the publication of a new and more large-format “Spanish-Azerbaijani Phrasebook” which can be helpful in the field of linguistics, translation, international communication and mutual understanding.

The phrasebook includes words and phrases on the following sections, such as How To Start a Conversation”, “Expression of Emotions”, “Travelling”, “Residential Services”, “Rent”, “Car”, “Family”, “Diplomatic Corps”, “For Those Who Want To Start a Business” , “Tourist Service”, “Around City”, “Restaurant”, “In the Bank”, “Shopping”, “Post Office, Telephone”, “Medical Emergencies”, “Various Services”, “Sports and Entertainment”, “At the Police Station”, “Numbers”, “Dates, Time and Weather”, “Common Words and Basic Phrases”, “Colours”, “Billboards and Inscriptions”, “Holidays”, Memorial Day”, “Mourning Day”, “Days of Genocide.”

The compiler of the phrasebook is the Spanish language specialist Aysel Aliyeva, the Spanish language editor – Professor Cesar Edgardo Martinez Flores, a Salvadoran linguist-scientist, the Azerbaijani language editors – the Azerbaijani language specialists Bahlul Abbasov and Shafiga Shafa.

It should be noted that the edition is intended for those arriving in Azerbaijan on business and tourist trips from Spain and Spanish-speaking countries, as well as for the use of Spanish in oral communication.

The book has been released by the AzSTC-based publishing house.

Copies of the edition are available at the bookstores below:




‘Akademiya’ book house

‘Baku Book Center’

‘Chiraq’ Book House

Book house of the Presidential Administration of the Azerbaijan Republic

Sales kiosk of Azerbaijan University of Languages


  • Notable Georgian Poet Given the Award of the State Translation Centre Notable Georgian Poet Given the Award of the State Translation Centre


    This year, Makvala Gonashvili, the well-known Georgian poet, translator, Chairman of the Writers’ Union of Georgia, has been given the Award established by the Azerbaijan State Translation Centre on the occasion of the International Translator’s Day for her merits in the development of Azerbaijan-Georgian literary relations.

    Makvala Gonashvili

    ·           is a poet and translator;

    ·           was born in Georgia in 1958;

    ·           graduated from the Department of Journalism at Georgia State University in 1981;

    ·           is the author of such books as “From Here to You”, “To tell the Truth”, “The Dawn of the Sun Seeps Through the Dome”, “My Temple, My Place of Oath”, “Tears of the Sun” and “Bonfire of Poppies”;

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  • Victoria Romero: Joint Projects of the Centre and Latin American Embassies Ought To Be Continued Victoria Romero: Joint Projects of the Centre and Latin American Embassies Ought To Be Continued

    On September 26, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of Mexico to Azerbaijan, Mrs. Victoria Romero, visited the State Translation Centre. During the meeting, the exchange of views took place on the translation and publication projects implemented by the Centre in relation to the promotion of Latin American literature in Azerbaijan and the expansion of the Azerbaijani-Mexican literary and cultural ties.


  • AzSTC Hosts Certificate Award Ceremony for Translators AzSTC Hosts Certificate Award Ceremony for Translators

    The Azerbaijan State Translation Centre (AzSTC) has completed the next qualifying examinations for professional translators.  The translators who passed AzSTC’s qualifying examinations in sociology and politics, international relations, science and technology, economics, finance, and law received Certificates of the Centre.