The ADTM Translation Agency


The ADTM Translation Agency has been founded under the Azerbaijan State Translation Centre – the regulating body in the field of language and translation industry, which was established by Presidential Decree by # 2236, dated May 23, 2012.




THE AGENCY’S ACTIVITY consists of compiling texts and materials in Azerbaijani received from state and private organizations, including citizens’ applications on various specific fields, official documents, scientific, socio-political, artistic, technical and other literature, websites, and Wikipedia pages and translating them into foreign languages (and vice versa); checking the language and translation quality of texts and materials, as well as arranging a wide range of printing services (in the country and abroad).




Written translation

Translation of texts and materials into Azerbaijani and foreign languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Greek, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Czech, Italian, Georgian) on sociology and politics, law, finance, education, economy, culture, medicine, media, oil and chemistry, construction, engineering, military, agriculture, art, science, technology, fiction, etc.; 

– Audio/audiovisual translation (dubbing)

Translation of audio and audiovisual materials (broadcast, presentation videos, texts of scientific, documentary, feature films, etc.) into Azerbaijani (and vice versa), subtitles (in both languages), offscreen postscoring, etc.

Linguistic monitoring

– Implementation of appropriate measures on checking the quality of the language, style and translation of texts (carrying out monitoring on the basis of applications; provision of expert opinions; identification and elimination of linguistic and translation, as well as spelling, grammatical, lexical errors);

Publishing, printing and design

Publication of printed materials of various formats (books, magazines/journals, booklets, posters, flyers, catalogues, advertising plates, logos, roll-ups, billboards, etc.) in accordance with the order in the country and abroad; implementation of a wide range design and web design services.



Services are delivered in visual and online formats by professional language, translation, polygraphy, design and web-design specialists.




Alakbarova Kamale

Address:                    27/121A, Shahin Mustafayev str., Narimanov 

                                    District, Baku city; AZ1033

Telephone:                (+994)  050 562 17 78