Book Launch “The Steppe” by A. P. Chekhov

Book Launch “The Steppe” by A. P. Chekhov

The Azerbaijan State Translation Centre (AzSTC) jointly with the Institute for Literary Translation (Russia) has hosted the book launch “The Steppe” by A. P. Chekhov translated into Azerbaijani and published by AzSTC.

In his opening remarks at the event launched at the Baku International Book Fair, Yevgeny Reznichenko, a poet, Director of the Institute for Literary Translation, spoke about the AzSTC’s remarkable contribution to the development of literary translation, and its successes in the related international publishing projects. He noted that the Memorandum signed between the two institutions will play an important role in the development of Russian-Azerbaijani literary exchanges in the near future.  

Professor Vadim Polonsky, Director of A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), spoke about the difficulties of literary translation and the profession of a translator. He called the employees of this difficult and honourable activity field, which requires individual creative talent, special abilities and patience, “real heroes.”

Yevgeny Vodolazkin, Lead Researcher for Department of Old Russian Literature of the RAS, Doctor of Philology, spoke about the books published as a result of close cooperation between the AzSTC and the Russian Institute for Literary Translation for more than three years and about some projects that will be implemented in the near future.

In his speech, Natig Rasulzade, People’s Writer of Azerbaijan, spoke about Etimad Bashkechid, who masterfully translated the story “The Steppe” from the original into the Azerbaijani language, about his professionalism and fidelity to the original. Noting the productive and high-quality activities of the AzSTC, he especially underlined the selection of translated works and the level of literary translation.

Javanshir Yusifli, a well-known master of artistic translation, literary critic, noting the high-level set by the Centre in realization of the noble and charitable mission of promoting the world literature in Azerbaijan said that as a result of its activities the Centre had created a New Translation School in Azerbaijan.

Later, professor Flora Naji, Doctor of Philology, professor Nizami Taghisoy, Doctor of Philology, Etimad Bashkechid, a writer, the author of the translation of “The Steppe”, Pusta Akhundova, the AzSTC’s Coordinator for literary relations with Russia, Ukraine, Israel and Hungary, Mahir Garayev, a poet, Head of World Literature Department, Yashar, a writer, Head of the Information Department, and others shared their viewpoints on the publication.

It should be noted that the book “The Steppe”, which won the prize for “Selection of the work and translation quality” within the grant project “Support Program for the Translation of Russian Fiction” of the Institute for Literary Translation includes besides the novella, collection of Chekhov’s memories and letters under the chapters, such as “From the Translator”, “Letters”, “Memoirs”, “Critical Essays”.

 The editor of the book is Saday Budaqly, a notable writer and translator.


The copies of the edition will be available one of these days at one of the many bookstore locations listed below in the coming days:





‘Akademiya’ book house

‘Baku Book Center’

‘Chiraq’ Book House

Book house of the Presidential Administration of the Azerbaijan Republic

Sales kiosk of the Azerbaijan University of Languages