Akaki Sereteli’s book for the first time in Azerbaijan

Akaki Sereteli’s book for the first time in Azerbaijan

The ADTM Translation Agency is pleased to announce the publication of the book “My Songs”, which includes selected poetic samples by Akaki Sereteli, the notable Georgian poet, within the grant project of the Writer’s House of Georgia.

The book, which begins with the preface About Akaki Sereteli and His Word, includes the poet’s poems on Motherland, nature, life, death, love, etc., such as The Last Breath”, “The Saint Nino”, “The Educator”, as well as the verses Grey Hair”, “Spring”, “Dawn”, Storm on, Sea!”, “Dream”, “The Mysterious Letter”, “The Bat”, “The Dagger.”

Although Akaki Sereteli’s literary activity is known to Azerbaijani readers from periodicals, his works are presented for the first time in a book format. 

The author of the preface and translator of the poems and verses from Georgian is Imir Mammadli, the famous poet-translator, and the editor is Shafiga Shafa.



Copies of the edition are available at the bookstores below:





‘Akademiya’ Book House

‘Baku Book Center’

‘BookZone’ Book House

‘Chiraq’ Book House

‘Chinar’ Book House

Book House of the Presidential Administration of the Azerbaijan Republic

Sales kiosk of Azerbaijan University of Languages