Argentine Literary Portal Shares Mammad Araz’s Creativity

Argentine Literary Portal Shares Mammad Araz’s Creativity

Poemas del Alma, a popular Argentine-based literature portal, has posted in Spanish the poems “The World Is Yours, The World Is Mine...”, “Farewell, Mountains!”, “Azerbaijan Is My World” by Mammad Araz, the Azerbaijani People’s poet, as part of the AzSTC project “Azerbaijan Literature in an International Virtual World.”

The authors of the translation of the poems presented with information about the poet’s creativity are Paul Poggi Alessandro and Eva Contreras, the Spanish philologists, Tutukhanum Yunusova and Aysel Aliyeva, the Spanish language specialists.

It is worth noting that the portal Poemas del Alma, which has a wide auditorium of readers, regularly publishes works by such outstanding writers and poets as Alexander Pushkin, Alexandre Dumas, Jorge Luis Borges, Anna Akhmatova, Marina Svetayeva, Julio Cortazar, Alberto Moravia.


Mammad Araz


‒  poet, translator;

‒ is the author of books, such as “The Love Song”, “The Araz River Flows”, “I Will Find You”, “Songs Left by My Mother”, “The Caravan of Life, “The Letter to the Reader”, “The Conversation at the Crossroads”, to name a few;

‒ has translated poems by S. Mikhalkov, M. Svetlov, N. Nekrasov and other poets into Azerbaijani;


‒ has been recognized with the following honourary awards: the People’s Poet of Azerbaijan, the “Istiqlal” Order, the Honoured Culture Worker of Azerbaijan, and the laureate of the State Prize.