Mir Jalal’s Short Story in the German Literature Magazine

Mir Jalal’s Short Story in the German Literature Magazine

“Signaturen.de”, the popular German e-literature magazine, has posted in German the short story “Dissertation” by Mir Jalal, the notable Azerbaijani writer, as part of the AzSTC project “Azerbaijan Literature in an International Virtual World.”

The author of the translation of the story presented with information about the writer’s creativity is Elgun Niftaliyev, a German language specialist, and the editor is Hans-Jürgen Maurer, the prominent publisher. 

It is worth noting that the e-literature magazine “Signaturen.de”, which has a wide auditorium of readers, regularly publishes works by such outstanding writers and poets as Andreas Gryphius, Franz Kafka, Christian Morgenstern, Pablo Neruda, Stéphane Mallarmé.



 Mir Jalal


·  writer, literary scholar, translator, pedagogue;

·  was born on April 26, 1908 in the village of Andabil near Tabriz city, Southern Azerbaijan;

· is the author of such books as “Stature”, “The Orchard Thief”, “Congratulations!”, “The Resurrection Man”, “The Youth Manifesto”, “The Open Book”, “My Peers”, “The New City”, “Where Are We Going?”;

· has been awarded the honourary title “Honouгed Worker of Science” of Azerbaijan;

· his works have been translated into very many languages ​​of the world.