National libraries in Austria, Swiss, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Germany receive copies of Azerbaijani literature

National libraries in Austria, Swiss, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Germany receive copies of Azerbaijani literature

The Azerbaijan Translation Centre (AzTC) is pleased to announce that it continues its project to promote Azerbaijani literature worldwide. This year a book Mystery, a collection of short stories has been produced in Frankfurt, Germany and has been distributed to European national libraries, including libraries at Zentralbibliothek Zürich (Zürich Central Library), Swiss, Institute of Islamic Studies and Modern Eastern Philology at Berlin University, the University of Basel, library on Eastern and Central-Eastern Europe at the University of Freiburg, the University of Vienna, Austria, the Information Centre for Central Asia and South Caucasus at the Austrian Association of the Middle East Hammer Purgstall, libraries at Tirol University, University of Graz, Salzburg University, Robert Musil Institute for Literary Research/Carinthian Literature Archive, the University of Luxembourg, Austrian National Library, city library at Simmering, Austria, the City Public Library at Stocterau, St. Florian Monastery Library, the city library at Alpbach, the Vienna Public Library, Liechtenstein Library Network, and more than 80 libraries in Germany, the list of which is provided below:

1.      The Institute of Slavonic and Caucasian Studies at University Jena, Germany

2.      The German Orient Institute, Berlin

3.      The Ruhr University Bochum, Oriental and Islamic Studies Library

4.      The University of Bamberg, oriental Studies Library

5.      The Library at the University of Göttingen, in Lower Saxony

6.      The Centre for Literary and Cultural Research in Berlin

7.      The Special Library of the Oriental/Islamic Studies Department at Kiel University

8.      The Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, Library of the Oriental Studies Department

9.      The University Library of Trier

10.  The University Library of Regensburg

11.  The Hamburg Central Library

12.  The Heidelberg University, Eastern European History Library

13.  The Oriental Department at Cologne University

14.  The Rhenish Friedrich-Wilhelm University, the Institute of Oriental and Asian Studies

15.  The Asia-Africa Institute at Hamburg University

16.  The Philipps University of Marburg, Centre for Near and Middle East Studies

17.  Library at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen

18.  The University of Bremen, the Research Centre for East European Studies

19.  The Library of Oriental Studies of Leipzig University

20.  The University Library of Potsdam

21.  The Herzog August Library in Wolfenbüttel

22.   The Celle City Library

23.   The Frankfurt Book House

24.  The Buxtehude City Library

25.  The Flensburg City Library

26.  The Stade City Library

27.  The Cuxhafen City Library

  1. The Erfurt City and Regional Library

29.  The Essen City Library

30.  The Hattingen City Library

31.  The Ansbach State Library

32.  The Ulm City Library

33.  The Crailsheim City Library

34.  The Groß-Umstadt City Library

35.  The Darmstadt University Library

36.  The Wolfsburg City Library

37.  The Ingolstadt City Library

38.  The Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt Library

39.  The Braunschweig City Library

40.  The Stendal City Library

41.  The Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Library

42.  The Esslingen City Library

43.  The Rhein-Mai University Library

44.  The Offenbach City Library

45.  The Aachen City Library

46.  Duisburg Central Library

47.  The Library at the University of Fulda

48.  The Sylt City Library

49.  The Uckermünde City Library

50.  The Tsinnovist (Usedom) Library

51.  The Bergen City Library

52.  Koblenz City Library

53.  The Kassel University Library

54.  The Heinrich-Heine City Library

55.  The Neubrandenburg Regional Library

56.  The Wuppertal Central Library

57.  The Bielefeld City Library

58.  The Chemnitz City Library

59.  The Kaiserslautern City Library

60.  The Lübeck City Library

61.  The Lüneburg City Library

62.  The Hamm City Library

63.  The Saarland University Library

64.  The Osnabrück University Library

65.  The Leverkusen City Library

66.  The Heilbronn City Library

67.  Bremerhaven City Library

68.  The German National Library

69.  The Frankfurt University Library Frankfurt

70.  The Weimar Public Library

71.  The Bischofsheim City Library

72.  The Institute for East European Studies, Berlin

73.  The Mainz University Library

74.  The Julius-Maximilians University Library in Würzburg

75.  The Baden City Library

76.  The Anna Seghers Public Library

77.  The Ludwigshafen City Library

78.  The European University Viadrina Frankfurt Oder University Library

79.  The Erlangen Oriental Library

80.  The Bavarian State Library in Munich

81.  The Stuttgart State Library of Württemberg

82.  The Marburg University Library

83.  The Sachsen-Anhalt University Library in Halle

84.  The German Oriental Society Library

85.  The Free University of Berlin

86.  The department of Azerbaijani history at Humboldt University, Berlin