Subscription Terms & Conditions for the series Books of the Translation Centre and Khazar World Literature Magazine

Subscription Terms & Conditions for the series Books of the Translation Centre and Khazar World Literature Magazine

The Translation Centre under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic (AzTC), founded in accordance with Decree No. 169 of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic, Ilham Aliyev, dated May 16, 2014, is an executive body to centralize translation work, to manage socio-political, scientific, technical, literary and cultural ties from the point of view of language and translation, to oversee the standard of translation in the republic and to improve its quality.

The Centre creates relations with leading world-publishing houses, organizes and promotes world literature, culture and science in the country through translations into Azerbaijani, vice versa. The Translation Centre arranges publication of books including the editions of samples of the Azerbaijani literature and scientific-cultural heritage at the international level. Arranges publication of Khazar World Literature magazine and Aydin Yol literary newspaper. 

AzTC has multi-featured activities. Plus, it introduces readers to its Series of Books and quarterly issues of Khazar World Literature magazine which comes out on a regular basis.

To this end, AzTC launched a subscription for already published and future printings of world literature, encyclopaedias, and anthologies.  



General Information, Subscription Terms & Conditions

The easiest way to be in contact is to call or email us. Our subscription agent will help you have your subscription. You can have your subscription by visiting the Translation Centre.  

If an additional subscription centre opens, information on its location will be placed on the AzTC website or published in the press.  

All subscribers shall duly fill in the 'Subscription Form' and make a deposit not less than AZN 15. The deposit is included in the total amount.

As soon as the books are published, the subscription agent or other responsible persons mill make a call to each subscriber or send a letter.

The books will be delivered in three ways: by post, by courier or by visiting. The delivery costs are not included in the contract and shall be paid upon delivery. But if the subscriber visits the AzTC office and gets the book at place, then no additional fee will be paid.

By signing the 'Subscription Form', the subscriber undertakes to purchase the book, and by registering a subscriber AzTC shall timely inform the subscriber on issue of the book.  


List of literature for subscription:

Samples of world literature

1. Juan Rulfo: Pedro Paramo

2. Matilda Urrutia: Life with Pablo Neruda

3. Ernest Hemingway: Men Without Women

4. Akutagawa Ryunosuke: God's Smile

5. Yasmina Mixaylovich: On the Shores of the Caspian Sea

6. Olzhas Suleimenov: Az i Ya

7. Ernesto Che Guevara: The Bolivian Diary (to be published soon)

8. Patrick Modiano: Collection of works (to be published soon)


Translation collections

9. Collection of  "Followers of the Path to Salvation"

10. Masterpieces of World Poetry

11. Latin American Novel

12. From Chekhov to Marquez


Khazar quarterly World Literature magazine

13.  Khazar world literary magazine, 2014/1

14.  Khazar world literary magazine, 2014/2

15.  Khazar world literary magazine, 2015/1

16.  Khazar world literary magazine,  2015/2


Books and payment terms

The books are of high polygraphic and designing quality;

Most of the editions are published in the Azerbaijani language for the first time;

Edition is limited;

20% discount for subscribers;

Payment will be on delivery;

Delivery is free if the books are more than 7 (if less, the delivery cost is 2AZN)

To the attention of subscribers: if you enrich the subscribers' list, you will get as a gift the new edition of Khazar World Literature magazine.


Main terms:

1. A subscriber for the series "Books of the Translation Centre" shall buy a books set.

2. Succession of editions will be strictly observed; the interval between editions will be no more than 2 months. Otherwise, the subscription will be abolished.  

3. Deposit (AZN 15) is untouchable reserve and will be considered for the last edition of the year.

Note: Information on the series Books of the Translation Centre is available at e-library 'Achig kitab' ( ) and at the official AzTC website ( ) by clicking on the link 'Publications'.


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