Khazar World Literature Magazine Next Issue Published

Khazar World Literature Magazine Next Issue Published

The latest issue of Khazar World Literature magazine has been published. The publisher is the Translation Centre under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Highlights of the issue include:

* The Nobel Lecture and novel “The Family of Pascual Duarte” by Camilo José Cela;

* Poems by Anne Sexton (USA);

* Bold Type, an online journal, interviews the English novelist and screenwriter Ian McEwan and his story “Conversations with a Cupboardman”;

* Letters from Turkish Khagans titled “Letters that have changed the course of history”;

* Extractions from book “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins;

* Poems by Yuri Kuznetsov;

* The short story “The Bus Hijacker” by the Egyptian novelist Ihsan Abdel Quddous;

* The play “Foursome” by Eugène Ionesco;

* The story “Twinges of Conscience” by the Swedish playwright Johan August Strindberg;

* The memoirs of Ivan Zakhar'in (Yakunin) Sheikh Shamil;

* The short story “The Neighboring Shore” by the Uruguayan novelist Mario Benedetti, as well as other   interesting articles.