Turkey’s ambassador visits AzTC

Turkey’s ambassador visits AzTC


The Azerbaijan Translation Centre (AzTC) on Tuesday received a visit from Turkey’s Azerbaijani ambassador Erkan Özoral. The meeting focused on brotherly relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey, and famous Turkish authors Nâzım Hikmet, Fazil Hüsnü Dağlarca, Sait Faik Abasıyanık, Halide Edib Adıvar, Haldun Taner, Orhan Pamuk, Osman Çeviksoy, Sabahattin Ali, Bekir Yıldız, and Camal Şakar, whose works were adapted into Azerbaijani and published by AzTC over time.  

The diplomat was briefed about the two-volume book "An Anthology of Modern Azerbaijan Literature" published in 2016 in “Bengü” Publishing House in Ankara, and the book "An Anthology of Modern Turkish Literature" to be published in Azerbaijan one of these days.

The ambassador praised AzTC’s work aimed at promoting inter-literary exchanges and expressed satisfaction with growth of attention to Turkish literature as well as voiced his proposals regarding projects of this kind in the period ahead .