Poet Salam Sarvan in Prestigious Kyiv National Linguistic University

Poet Salam Sarvan in Prestigious Kyiv National Linguistic University


The Kyiv National Linguistics University hosted a meeting with the notable Azerbaijani poet Salam Sarvan. The event shared the poet's work, in particular the book titled The World Is So Shallow to Drown in It (“І потонути неможливо, неглибокий цей світ”) in Ukrainian translation, published in Kyiv last year and generated reader interest across Ukraine. The meeting moderator Marina Goncharuk, the Executive Secretary of the Azerbaijan State Translation Centre (AzSTC) for Ukraine projects, spoke about the publications - An Anthology of Modern Ukrainian Poetry published in Baku and An Anthology of Azerbaijani Poetry published in Kyiv - as the Centre’s contribution to the development of literary ties between the two countries.

 Speaking about the importance of such events, PhD in Philology Anastasia Pozhar, the head of the International Cooperation Department of the University, said that the Ukrainians received the most accurate information about the people of Azerbaijan, their national features, culture and identity from Azerbaijani literature.

 The well-known Ukrainian poet Lesya Mudrak, the winner of the World Poetry Festival, spoke about her feelings while translating Salam Sarvan's poems and the poet's unique way of thinking: “Although this work is related to the realities we see around us every day, it reveals a completely different reality. In these poems, the Ukrainian reader will get acquainted with a poet who significantly expands the boundaries of traditional semantics, captures amazing shades through the eyes of a professional poet, even in the most ordinary manifestations, presenting traditional poetry from unexpected angles and perspectives.

 Later, Sarvan replied to questions fielded from the audience about the peculiarities of the Azerbaijani literary process, his creative path, as well as aesthetic merits of his poems.