State Translation Centre Awards Members of Staff





The State Translation Centre awarded a group of staff members who distinguished themselves in 2021 for their activities.

Opening the event on the occasion of the World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day, and the New Year, Afag Masud, Board Chairman, spoke about the historic victory gained in 2020-2021, the national spirit after the Great Victory, rapid improvement and reconstruction activities carried out in the liberated regions, as well as about the Centre’s achievements of last year – the publication of the great poet Nizami Ganjavi’s “Leyli and Majnun” and “Seven Beauties” in Ukraine, Georgia, Germany and Spain as a contribution to the “Year of Nizami” that was met with positive reviews in global literature scale, a two-volume collection of works, letters and diaries by world famous writers, such as Franz Kafka, Gabriel García Márquez and Heinrich Böll, published, as a part of series “Pearls of World Literature”, by AzSTC.

Then, the staff members of the Centre, who distinguished themselves for their activities in 2021, were awarded. Amongst the award winners were: Etimad Bashkechid, Head of the Science, Education and Culture Office, a writer-translator, and Ali Shukru, the Persian language translator-coordinator at AzSTC, for the philological translation of the poem “Khosrov and Shirin” from the origin; Pusta Akhundova, Adviser on International Relations, and Aysel Aliyeva, the Spanish language translator-coordinator at AzSTC, for the wide promotion of Nizami Ganjavi’s creativity in global literature scale; Latafat Samadova, Head of the Department of Scientific Literature and Dictionary for her activities on the clarification of archaic words deleted from the “Spelling Dictionary of the Azerbaijani Language”; Agil Amrakhov, Head of the Publishing and Printing Office; Shahzade Ibrahimova, a computer engineer at the Production Department; leading operators: Rena Mustafayeva, Vafa Aliyeva and Sujayat Ismayilova; Farrukh Rzayev, Head of the Translation and Linguistic Expertise Office, and Nazakat Agayeva, the English language translator-coordinator; Emil Aliyev, an operator-photographer, author of video clips about the Patriotic War, Azerbaijan realities, and the historical territories of Azerbaijan.