Azerbaijani Poetry in Reputable Russian Literary Almanac

Azerbaijani Poetry in Reputable Russian Literary Almanac

Russian’s reputable literary almanac has posted verses ‘My Inspiration’, ‘Like Fire, Like Water’ by People’s Poet Mammad Araz, and verses ‘Confession’, ‘As If the Sea Is also a Man’, ‘Light Came on My Way’ by another People’s Poet Aliagha Kurchayli in Russian translation, as part of the AzSTC project “Azerbaijan Literature in a Virtual World”. The page also provides detailed information on the poets.

Besides, the portal has posted detailed information on Leyla Aliyeva, a young talented Azerbaijani poetess, and her poems ‘I Cannot Forget Your Eyes ...’, ‘Dream Soaked into the Body’, ‘When the Night and the Sun Leave You ...”

The literary almanac, continually updated, regularly publishes samples of pieces by internationally renowned writers and poets, such as Johann Goethe, Vladimir Nabokov, Boris Pasternak, Osip Mandelshtam, to name a few.



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