Chile Literary Magazine Shares Verses by Leyla Aliyeva

Chile Literary Magazine Shares Verses by Leyla Aliyeva

Chile’s reputable literary magazine Aerea Revista Hispanoamericana de Poesía has posted verses, such as “Let me go and cry a little”, “I can never leave you” and “I do not believe” by Leyla Aliyeva, a talented Azerbaijani poetess, as part of the AzSTC project “Azerbaijan Literature in the International Arena.” The magazine also provides detailed information on the author.

Tutukhanim Yunusova is the author of the line-by-line translation into Spanish, and Raúl Poggi Alejandro, a notable Argentine translator, is the editor of the literary translation.

Launched in 2001, Aerea Revista Hispanoamericana de Poesía has a wider reading audience in Spain and Colombia and is used as a training material at universities in the USA and other countries. The magazine regularly publishes samples of pieces by internationally renowned writers and poets, such as Eduardo Espina, Monica Velazquez Guzman, Carlos Aquasacon, Leonel Alvarado, Luis Benitez and Victor Coral, to name a few.

The editor-in-chief of the magazine is a famous Argentine poet Daniel Calabrese.