Iranian Literary Portal Shares Mirbahram Azimbeyli’s Poems

Iranian Literary Portal Shares Mirbahram Azimbeyli’s Poems

“”, a popular Iranian literary portal, has posted in Persian the poems “A Poem to My Mother” and “Like me” by Mirbahram Azimbeyli, a young talented poet, as part of the AzSTC project “The Latest Azerbaijan Literature in a Virtual World.” The portal also provides detailed information on the poet.

The translator of the poems into Persian is Ali Shokru, the Persian language specialist at the AzSTC. 

It is worth noting that “qalampress.irliterary portal, which has been launched since 2012, regularly publishes information and articles related to world literary-cultural processes and events along with literary works.  

Mirbahram Azimbeyli:

-          was born in Baku in 1994;

-          his first article entitled “Weeping for Karabagh” was published in “525-ci qəzet” in 2001;

-          author of the books “Voices from the World of a Child” and “Call of Silence”;

-          awarded with “Ümid işığı” (“Light of Hope”) and “İlin gənci” (“Youth of the Year”);


-          graduated from the Middle East Technical University (Turkey) and the University of Oxford (UK).