Bulgarian Electronic Literature Journal Shares Salam Sarvan’s Poems

Bulgarian Electronic Literature Journal Shares Salam Sarvan’s Poems

“Literaturen sviat”, a popular Bulgarian electronic literature journal, has posted in Bulgarian the poems “Way of Life”, “The Situation”, “The Man”, “The Lines”, “Love”, “The Acrobat”, and “The Bridge” by Salam Sarvan, a notable poet, as part of the AzSTC project “Azerbaijan Literature in an International Virtual World.” The journal also provides detailed information on the poet.

The translator of the poems into Bulgarian is Dimitr Khristov, a popular Bulgarian poet and translator.

It is worth noting that “Literaturen sviat”, which is regularly followed by a wide auditorium of readers, publishes works by world-famous writers and poets, such as Edgar Allan Poe, Franz Fühmann, Costas Cariotakis, Julio Cortázar, Mario Benedetti, Victor Jara, to name a few.






   Salam Sarvan:

- was born in Jalilabad, Azerbaijan in 1966;

- graduated from Leningrad State Institute of Finance and Economics named after N. A. Voznesensky;

- author of poetry collections "Unspoken Words to You", "I Won't Come, Meet the Road", "Loneliness of the Monument";

- his poems have been translated into English, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Georgian, Uzbek;

- the book "It Is Impossible To Drown in This Shallow World..." has been published in Ukraine;

- winner of the Golden Word Literary Award in "Poetry".