Key Milestones in Azerbaijan’s Carpet Weaving

Key Milestones in Azerbaijan’s Carpet Weaving

The Azerbaijani carpets have embodied age-old folk traditions and an extremely colourful palette of real-life realities.

The massive export of Azerbaijani carpets to Europe coincides with the beginning of the Renaissance, combined with growing interest in Antique culture and art. Differing in a highly philosophical message, the subtlety of ornaments and color palette saturation, Azerbaijani carpets have at once attracted attention, winning wide praise all over the world.

For many years, Azerbaijani carpets have become a subject of close attention by Azerbaijani scholars who have dedicated more than a dozen research studies to them. Latif Kerimov, an outstanding carpet artist, has pioneered the study of Azerbaijani carpets. The book 'Azerbaijan Carpets', written by him, is a true encyclopedia that provides a more complete picture of Azerbaijan’s carpet weaving. Latif Kerimov offered an overview of the genesis of the development of the Azerbaijani carpet, not dividing the carpet weaving area in Azerbaijan to the north and south, for the first time, accurately and completely describing the types of Azerbaijani carpets and clearly distinguishing them among the Iranian, Caucasian and other samples. Based on extensive information and his many years of research, he took it that 'Azerbaijan was the carpet weaving center in the Caucasus'.

According to Dr. Vidadi Muradov, who is a Carpet Expert, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Azərxalça” OJSC, Professor in History, much work has been done to restore the international credibility of Azerbaijani carpets since Azerbaijan gained independence.

“The world glory won by the Azerbaijani carpets does not peak the Soviet period of 70 years, while numerous studies have been carried out over the past 20 years and our carpets were widely demonstrated as part of the Days of Azerbaijani Culture in Italy, Russia, Great Britain and France through the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, thanks to the care and attention of Mehriban Aliyeva,” he said.

”All this attracted attention to our carpets, increasing interest in them. President Ilham Aliyev's attention to carpet weaving in Azerbaijan also gave a strong impulse to the development of this ​​folk art.”


Sevinj Fadai