Hero of the Day Gets the Gift - His Newly Published Book

Hero of the Day Gets the Gift - His Newly Published Book

The Translation Centre (AzTC) is pleased to announce that it has published the book called ‘Poems of Zakir Fakhri”.

The book was issued for the 70th Anniversary of the poet, as part of AzTC’s project to promote Azerbaijani literature worldwide. The book includes his famous poems in both Azerbaijani and English, such as Without Karabagh, The World Will Not Remain, Remain As It Is Now, The Poem I Am Not Able To Write, Requiem, Out of the Darkness into the Light, Gara Melik, Gara Gazanfar and Me.

The book begins “The Freshness of the Poetic Thinking, an article about Zakir Fakhri’s literary activity written by the notable Azerbaijani poet Bakhtiyar Vahabzade, and Master Word, Afag Masud’s essay.



 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,

 and the Word was God....”


Authentic Azerbaijan Literature needs to be rescued from ongoing literate, accurate however artistically inanimate, apathetic, the feeble abundance of texts. One of the ways for distinguishing “actual” from “analogous” is the emergency of presenting those unique literary treasures in a contemporary pattern and configuration. As for poetry, I assume that these meagre poetic samples bearing separately some literary capacity should be published not in traditional poetry series that capture whole pages of newspapers, or not in the “abundance of books” syndrome but must be published one at a time. The main purpose here is to enable the Artistic Idea to be mastered as it is written, “the written piece of art” should be presented in the image of its divine solitude, in which it first appeared. Ignoring to publish his pure poems that are full of pain, loaded with the love of God, just hand outs the poems to his friends naturally, and the author of those poems   is Zakir Fakhri. Zakir Fakhri’s poetry appears to be one of those lost and found Authentic Literature

 Afag Masud