State Translation Centre Joins International Forum of Translators

State Translation Centre Joins International Forum of Translators


Publications of the Azerbaijan State Translation Centre (AzSTC) have been showcased at Kochur Fest, an international forum of translators in Ukraine. 

The event, co-organized by the National Writers' Union of Ukraine, the magazine “Literary Ukraine” and publishers Sammit-Kniga, was held at Ukraine’s Maksym Rylsky Central Library in Irpin. 

Executive secretary for the project Marina Goncharuk spoke about the Translation Centre’s activities, its publications translated into foreign languages ​​and launched in different countries around the world. 

“AzSTC makes important contributions to the expansion and sustainable development of the literary process between Azerbaijan and many foreign countries, and the promotion and popularization of modern and classical Azerbaijan literature in the world. I would like to note that the Centre’s attaches special importance to the development of Ukraine-Azerbaijan literary and cultural relations. The publication of "An Anthology of Modern Poetry" and І шляхом Істини постав я сам ...  (I Have Set Myself on the Road of Truth), great poet Nasimi’s  collection of poems, contemporary poet Salam Sarvan’s І потонути неможливо, неглибокий цей світ... (The World Is So Shallow to Drown in It) is a vivid example of how these relations are strong. These high-interest books were distributed to central libraries and universities of the cities in Kyiv, Kharkov, Zhytomyr, and other cities. Besides, to shape a modern school for translators in Azerbaijan, AzSTC is always committed to sharing experience with translators from around the world. 

Addressing the event, translator-diplomat Sergei Borshevsky spoke about innovations in the field of translation, translation exchanges between Ukraine and Spain, and notable Ukrainian poet and translator Dmitri Chistyak informed the participants about the close collaboration and joint projects carried out with the Azerbaijan State Translation Centre. Later, Deputy Mayor of Irpen for Humanitarian Affairs Julia Ustin said the mayor's office is always ready to support such projects. 

At the end of the event, copies of the AzTC books published in Ukraine and other countries were donated to participants.




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